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Looking for a compelling story to share with your audience?

Life is never as easy and always more interesting than a press release.  Let award-winning children’s picture book author, Amelia Frahm, divulge to your audience what goes on behind the scenes.

Like when she was asked to join a group of women at the local nuclear plant while they waited for a spaceship to refuel, or how Tickles Tabitha’s Cancer-tankerous Mommy survived anthrax to appear on the Rosie O Donnell Show, and why her latest book is being called disgusting propaganda.

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At the Nutcracker Publishing Company, it got… so hot fish jumped out of the ocean already fried….

Prompting Frahm’s November 15, 2011 blog: “What an Ex-porn star and a Nuclear Power Author Have in Common: Condemnation!”

We are melting down with excitement as we present:

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Nuclear Power: How a Nuclear Power Plant Really Works!

Illustrations by Andrew Handley

Price $9.95

ISBN:  9780970575227

Mom’s Choice Award Recipient.


A chubby lab rat and a pretty blue bird speculate, exaggerate, and blame everything they don’t understand about nuclear power on their arch-enemy, a cat named Penelope, who they suspect designed the nuclear plant so she could use electricity to cook them for dinner.  Unknown to them Penelope is a vegetarian.

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What Makes a Nuclear Plant Nu-cle-ar? Video

Bored yawns and bewildered glances were the typical responses Amelia Frahm encountered when she announced her next children’s book was about nuclear power plants. The Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan changed that perception.

Disinterest is no longer a factor, the nuclear community has given the book a thumbs up and it has has been called everything from, “the best in family-friendly media, products and services,” by the Mom’s Choice Awards to “disgusting propaganda ” and its author a  “nuclear pedophile,” who ought to be ashamed of herself, by anti-nuclear extremists.

She responded to her critics saying, ” I knew from past experience that in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster a children’s book about nuclear power plants would not be a welcome edition on everyone’s bookshelf, but I believe that fear, whether it’s of cancer, nuclear power, or a cat named Penelope, is fueled by a lack of knowledge and misinformation. If you have read my book you know it provides children an opportunity to learn about nuclear power in a format that is neither pro or con, but fun and informative. If you have not read it – shame on you for attacking something you know nothing about.”

Amelia Frahm  is better known for advocating cancer awareness than nuclear power. In 2001 she helped pioneer cancer resources for children when she published Tickles Tabitha’s Cancer-tankerous Mommy.

Tickles Tabitha's Cancer-tankerous Mommy

Tickles Tabitha’s Cancer-tankerous Mommy

Illustrated by Elizabeth Schultz

Price $9.95

ISBN: 0-9705752-0-3


Ben Franklin Award Recipient


The book depicts the emotional and moody behavior of a mom with cancer and the stresses and strains placed on a family by the mother’s diagnosis. Her behavior is caused in part by the medicine she must take to cure her cancer. Told through the eyes of young Tabitha, who is upset her cancer-tankerous Mommy is in no mood to play Tabitha’s favorite game. The book uses candor and comic reality as it acknowledges some of the realities faced by families coping with cancer.

Author Profile

In 1994,  Amelia Frahm was 34 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her children were two and four years old.  Cancer was still being whispered above the heads of young children. When she could not find a children’s book that addressed the mood swings and irritable behavior she often exhibited in front of her children she wrote her own story. Large publishing houses rejected her book idea, but in 2000 in honor of her best friend, Laura Bouldin Karlman she established Nutcracker Publishing Company and with the release of Tickles Tabitha’s Cancer-tankerous Mommy helped pioneer cancer resources for children.

Nutcracker PublishingCompany was founded in 2000. The company publishes children’s books that educate, entertain, and make it easier to establish a dialogue between children and adults about difficult subjects such as cancer and nuclear power. Nutcracker Publishing Company is based in North Carolina.  Crack Open a Book!

Nutcracker Publishing’s Story.

In 2001 when Frahm first published her children’s book about cancer talking to her own children about cancer raised eyebrows and taking a cancer awareness program to school was unimaginable!  But by 2006 reality TV had made talking about anything imaginable, so Nutcracker Publishing  introduced Tickles Tabitha, and implemented Crack Open a Book!’s cancer education curriculum.  The first cancer awareness program for children written by a cancer survivor.

Cary News

School Programs

Today programs on nuclear power are also available. Frahm’s first professional job was at a nuclear power plant and one of her first assignments was to create a school program.

What do  Frahm’s picture books about cancer and nuclear power have in common?   According to their author,  “both seek to dispel fear by providing information.”



What Makes a Nuclear Power Plant Nu-cle-ar?


Author TV Interview

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